Spark Sessions

Ah the ‘tweens’: those in-between years are the spark that fuels the teenaged wildfire!

This is a tough age for everyone - them, you, the world; they aren't little kids and they aren't swaggering teens. The best description I ever heard was ‘a walking nerve ending’. Everything is felt, everything is a top priority, everything is questioned and vulnerability is high. And that is exactly why we created these sessions.

Sparks Sessions are all about your tween. Out on location, multiple cameras, lights, blasting their favorite music, with a suitcase of their favorite clothes/accessories/toys, we crank it all up and show them just how smart/fun/beautiful they are!

The first part of the session is a solo shoot, then their friends join in and the fun gets a whole new energy.

We are thrilled with the reaction we have gotten from these sessions and the boost in self-esteem that has been a consistent response.

2-3 hour session, plus hard-cover book of images: $400